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Privacy Policy:


Information We Collect:

Our staff will never use any of user data to abuse it. We are here to help and protect our customers. User information is important to us. That help us to developing better and upgrade our both communication level. We collect Information you give us via email about our staff quality. Information we get from your using of our service. Devices and Log from our mobile users. Location of countries and our customers experience.

Information Security:

All of user Information is visible only to our Staff. Each user got own ID and folder directory of his downloaded tools from our website. Our Private Network is protecting customers IP address and daily checking for possible errors in system preventing any damage. Updating tools we sending manual to our customers email, also in tools update option. We ensure our users that they are 100% ensured and undetected by any web engines.


Any possible change of Privacy Policy will be immediately delivered to our customers email address. We work hard to protect our users. Access Key System is best developed protection we got so far. That system work long ago and had no any problems ever. Web is daily updating and we must follow it, running same line with updates of stuff we presenting to our customers.

Cooperation and Regulatory Authorities:

Cooperation with our team and our users is what we want to bring on top level. We work hard to connect with all our users counties and follow daily updates of stuff we representing to their countries. That include all Locations of our customers World Wide. Protection type system we developed is unique with a small footprint. Making undetectable to any server moderators is main purpose of our work. Our Regulatory Authorities will always keep all necessary information in top shape.

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