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Published on November 17th, 2014 | by Creative-ItemZ


Chess Engine #1 Updated Version 2016

This project we worked several months in past. We present you a unique Chess Engine that will blow your opponents. This engine is created and working only for chess.com site. The biggest world chess community. Tons of time spend to create and boost every single part of this engine. We ensure our users that they can own whole site players with this Chess Engine. It works very stable and error in making moves is not possible. Also this tool is protected by our network and there is no way that chess.com admin staff recognize it. Interface of our engine is easy and simple for anyone to set up. If you want to sit and watch how you owning someone in chess, welcome.

CreativeitemZ chess HQ creativeitemz.com chess.com hack

Chess Engine is developed on special software that block whole web expect chess.com ports. Software is connected with our proxy private network and unable to recognize by chess.com engines. User is 100% protected and invisible during login-playing via our tool. When you join lobby via our tool and open top game you can see our 2nd support board with correct moves working and analyzing top game moves, and in Running Engine sector boards loading statistic.

Chess Engine Settings:

When you enter game lobby you can visit CIz chess Engine option first. There you can change or mask part of your name. For example if you have an account and you don’t like your name, or u want to change it if feeling flagged on chat, or any other reason, you can simply type new name, press save and your name will be immediately changed. You can always change that or go back to old name. Before starting new game visit ADV Settings and set up it good, to make sure your opponent won`t notice that maybe he playing with engine. User is able to set next:

  • Engine Run Speed (Graphic and diagram statistic loader / recommended 1)
  • Sec Per Move (How fast will engine making moves on your turn)
  • Premove Play (User is able to turn On/Off this option and set number [1-3-5-10] of engine premoves that will be visible on screen during game)
  • Keep Safe Run (Recommended to select amount of opponent rating [1k/1k-1.5k/1.5k-2k/2k+] that will load engine playing level depends of chosen option)
  • Spam Draw (User is able to turn On/Off this option and set number [1-2-3-4-5] in second of sending draw to your opponent)
  • Avoid Exchange (User is able to turn On/Off this option and set piece [Q{queen}-N{knight}-B{bishop}-R{rock}-P{pawn}] checking any of this pieces will make engine avoid exchange of selected piece)

When all is done press save. During game run, user is able to change options.

CreativeitemZ Chess Engine Proof

Chess Engine Features:

  • Powerful Chess Engine (work only with chess.com)
  • Change/Mask user Real name to another (anytime changeable)
  • ADV Settings to set Engine progress properly
  • Graphic Monitor/Diagram loading statistic
  • Safe and Protected with Proxy Network (100% undetectable)
  • Update (following chess.com updates daily)

Chess Engine Login:

First of all, to start Chess Engine you need to login via our login tool. Required username and password of chess.com account. We ensure you that there is no reason to worry about your account because we don’t need/want any user password. If you feel unsafe or you think that chess.com can ban you, no matter what, just make a new fresh account and login via that to ensure yourself.

Chess Engine:

CreativeitemZ Chess Engine Login

creativeitemz.com download button png

creativeitemz.com mobile download button png


Chess Engine Performances:

Visiting option Running Engine you will see four monitor/diagram that running game statistic. First from left will show user current and possible variations of every move and who is doing good/wrong with current move. Under that is statistic of possible game variations/moves number. On left side there is two diagrams that running statistic of player power and second played per every move. This statistic can have some delay if you don’t keep Engine Run Speed in ADV options to 1.

CreativeitemZ Chess Engine Proof 2

Chess Engine Instructions:

  1. Use Safe Download link
  2. Run Chess Engine
  3. Mobile Download > Install Direct on your Device
  4. Login via Chess Engine to User Account
  5. Recommended: Visit ADV Settings before start a Game
  6. Enjoy.

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    Chess is beautiful game, now even more <3 Thanks.

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    this is so overpowered .. man you are GOD! so good

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    changing name option is cool, thanks for engine… excellent work

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    Big like for your engine man 🙂 Nice job.

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    This is pure madness 😀 THANKS!!

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    Very good settings support! Big LIKE!

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    wtf.. amazing job

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